Journal of 11/27/2012

I traveled twice on bicycle, which took average one and half hour in one way. If I ride bicycle to the house,I’ll spend three hours on commute.

The room temperature was five degree. Outdoor temperature went up to seven degree around noon. I can manage to ride back and forth if the road condition is dry and sunny.

A village resident dropped by and we had chatting. He said most house owners in the village spend 3,000,000 KRW ($2,800 USD) for heating during winter. Some house owners uses wood furnace to save crazy utility cost while they destroy forest around the village. Others goes back to coal furnace. What’s next? Provincial or federal government do not have any sustainable energy policy for citizens.

I don’t say about Free Energy technologies nor alternative energy solutions to people. I prefer to keep it quite for security reasons. However it’s so fucking sad so many people are suffering due to stupid, ignorant scientists and professionals. What are these people doing every day in schools and research centers?

My plan is to make fifty centimeters deep floor and build a plastic tent that houses a bed and desk. I think small closed space would reduce heat loss to the concrete walls. Concrete is modern engineering garbage. If I can manage tent temperature around ten to fifteen without any heat source, I’ll spend nights at the house again.

I got to experiment how much heat I can manage without using external energy for the winter. So that I’ll come up with most cost effective method for my Earthbag house.

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