Geodesic study – 1st model

R. Buckminster Fuller is inventor of geodesic dome. He was true visionary scientist who devoted entire life for helping humanity. Fuller had planned to cheap, affordable, mobile Geodesic house under few hundred dollars made out of composite papers.

Humanity once again miserably failed on R. Buckminster Fuller. Governments and corporations did not embrace Fuller’s technologies.

I decided to build geodesic domes for my Earthbag house.

I’m reading Geodesic math and how to use it by Hugh Kenner, 2nd ed., 2003 to understand how to design geodesic domes.

This one is 1st geodesic model on page 11. It took about three hours.

I made six struts each 9 inches of length. Put two nails on each strut for connecting string. string length is 0.6 of the strut, which is 5.4 inch. After few trials and errors, I made 18 inches of string and fold it half to attach tree struts. However tying the string to get 5.4 inches was tricky. I might try steel wire instead string next time.

As you see on the photos, the geodesic has symmetric shape, four triangle on upper, four triangle on bottom.

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