Geodesic Windmill Domes


Geodesic Windmill Domes

Windmills as presently designed are expensive to build & maintain, unable to operate in high winds, environmentally offensive (noisy, too tall, etc).
In 1975 R Buckminster Fuller suggested a design that would seem to solve all of the above problems.
A wind turbine could be enclosed inside a geodesic dome.
A ventilator mounted near the top of the dome would cause part or all of it to rotate as the wind direction changed.
The low pressure area near the exit of the ventilator would draw air in from the bottom of the dome & out through the top, thereby turning the turbine blades shaft attached to the generator.
A flywheel would regulate fluctuations in wind speed.
This wind machine could be operated in significantly higher wind speeds without being shut down.
Capital and operating costs would be much lower because all heavy components would be on the ground and protected by the dome.
Any noise would be contained inside the dome, and it’s height would be a fraction of conventional towers.
This breakthrough concept needs to be thoroughly checked out by competent authorities either proven or not.
If true, it could give a dramatic economic boost to a major segment of the alternative energy industry.

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