THE MARS PROJECT TV SHOW with references

Edited version by Bill Ryan


The problem with a TV show like this is that you have little or no control over what you’re asked to do, or — worse still! — over the editing. We shot something like 25 hours of material over 8 days (with two cameras). The show in the end lasted 43 minutes, minus commercials — which means that 97% of the footage was unused or rejected. Kerry and I offered our opinions quite strongly (as you might imagine) … but in the end we had no executive authority over anything at all.

There was one instance at the end of a long day’s shooting when I reprimanded the camera team for not capturing a particularly smart bit of ad lib, that had happened before they were prepared. I was quietly taken aside by both the the Director and Producer and told in no uncertain terms that it was categorically not my place to say anything at all about those parts of the production.


Here is a comment from Kerry.

I said I would reveal the behind the scenes info on what really happened on the making of our recently aired PILOT FOR TruTV: SHADOW OPERATIONS: THE MARS PROJECT…

So here it is.

First off, they wanted to kill the show… They put it on the shelf for 2 years and then when they released it they did NO ADVANCE ADVERTISING WHAT SO EVER….

In fact, they did NOT notify us, the other stars (our witnesses) or the Production Company (Fishbowl) or our original producer in advance of the airing. NO NOTICE. Not to our agent and not to our producer.

My personal reaction about this show is ‘Why now?’ What made them broadcast old pilot show? I put links for people who want to know about the interviewees on the show.

Andy Basiago

Bob Dean
Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean

Brian O’Leary
He passed away in 2011.
Interview: The Energy Solution Revolution

David Wilcock
Interview: Jumproom to Mars

Richard Hoagland
Interview: Dark Mission

Gordon Novel
He passed away in 2012
Interview: Renegade

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