Journal of 10/29/2012

Everything is expensive nowadays which is engineered by the corrupted system.
I decided to do get building materials locally as much as I can. Instead buying truck loads of earth, I will use earth from the small pond I would have built. The pond is ellipse shape, length is about 3.0 meters, width is 2.5 meters.

It turned out the hole of window bug net is too tiny it fails to separate fine earth from pebbles. I gonna a buy special net. Another issue I found is the earth bag size seems too small which causes reliability and safety. The width is fifteen cm. I thought small earth bag is easy to handle. However building roof using it seems dangerous unless I build enforcement structure inside dome.

I had a magical experience afternoon yesterday. It was windy, leaves of acorn tree were floating in the air. When I saw a branch of three leaves few meters away from me, it was going up in spiral above ground. I felt it would come to me. Few seconds later it went up to five or six meters high then descended clockwise direction, landed few meters away from me. As I saw it I ran fast to pick it up because it would take off any time by unpredictable wind.

Applied ND.3 filter to reduce over exposure of photo images.

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