Journal of 10/23/2012

It rained for a whole day yesterday. I stayed one more night to finish the temporary roof. Temperature has dropped dramatically for last week. It was high fifteen degree Celsius to low eight. I felt summer is gone officially. I wonder how many days I would be able to work without T-shirts during the day. I prefer hot summer than winter. Layers of clothes make me uncomfortable when I do physical work.

Before the body temperature goes up, working outside in cold days bring running nose, stiff bones and tight muscle. Everything gets slow down. Anyway I’ll have to deal with it at least one or two months.

I finished building temoporary roof out of plastic cover. I hope it will survive until walls and roof is get done. I roughly estimated number of Earthbags to construct semi-sphere or dome shape building, which is 3,000.

The total material cost will be under 1,500,000 KRW (around $1,200 USD) at most if everything goes as I planned. My one of goals is to cut down the cost of construction as possilbe as I can. Whatever I do for the house project, I try to use old building materials first and buying brand new stuff is the last resort.

For example except the tools, I made all furniture and building equipment by myself. One day I was going to buy a aluminium ladder but I decided to build a extended stand for a trial. It turned out the stand became versatile equipment that has multiple features: two stage ladder up to 80 cm, mobile workbench, and tool storage.

I’ll have to decide shape of the building while preparing earth for two or three days. Perfect half sphere looks cool but it needs more foundation work so I let it go. The building will be either egg shape or semi cylinder.

Bonus photo

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