DIY motorcycle handle bar mirror

This is second version of handle bar mirror I’ve built. As you see on the photos, it has small profile. The mirror size is around 30mm. Motorcycle handle bar mirror is about $50 USD. Shipping and handling would cost me $70 USD (80,000 KRW). I checked couple bicycle rear view mirrors that are bulky and ugly look. So I decided to build handle bar mirrors by myself.

Mini rear view mirror set – 5,000 KRW
Left over sheet metal – as is
Two 3mm bolts, two nuts
Five washers to make 5mm – 6mm space


Bench top drill press or hand held power drill
3mm drill bit
Philips screw driver
Pencil or pen

Building instruction:

Remove the bar end.
Measure the diameter of the bar end to calculate the metal band dimension.
This one has 5mm width where the band will sit, diameter was 20mm.
I made 5mm x 92mm metal bend by cutting a sheet metal.
Marked region that drill two 3mm holes for securing the band around the bar end.
The circumference was 62.8mm (D x Pi), 14mm at both end.
Cut a mounting plate by scissor. The sheet metal was thin enough to cut using a scissor.
Drilled two 3mm holes that penetrate the band and mounting plate. This was the hardest step.
Connected the mounting plate to the band, and secure it using two bolts and nuts.
Installed it on the bar end.
Installed the rear view mirror on the mounting plate. The mirror came with double side tape so it was easy to put on.
Put five washers on the bar end bolt to give little more space between throttle grip and the mirror.




First version

I used solder and 20AWG wires.

Version 1

Version 1

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