Journal of 9/19/2012

It has been raining and got two hurricanes. I went to my house yesterday afternoon at three o’clock, worked till one A.M, then got up at six A.M, worked till one P.M with breakfast break.

The indoor temperature of the house building matches ambient temperature, which is worst house construction. This is one example how modern civilization is out of the shape far from the mature level.

I had difficult time last night for sleeping due to cold air. I woke up several times from sleep. Doing meditation trick increased body temperature but when I fell to sleep, the body reacted to cold air so it woke me up. I thought I would be fine with a summer sleeping back. Good thing was the mesmerizing sound of tiny creatures all over the place. It simply suppressed the white noise inside my head. I got Tinnitus – high pitch noise that always exit inside head – when I was in military two decades ago.

I’ll have to solve this low temperature in the living quarter soon. Please bear in mind all photos here are out of focus. I probably got tired from lack of sleep, forgot to check Auto/Manual focus mode. One example is that shows how good sleep is important for average Joe like me.

Big question is will I be able to keep warm myself without burning fuel or running electric heater for this winter? I have two directions in mind since the starting of the project. First is use organic material only for insulation. Second harness or manage heat source in nature. In this aspect I’m a live heat stove that produces thirty seven degree Celsius heat all the time. Suppose I create small space that traps heat, I can stay warm in there. An outdoor tent and sleeping back are the fine example. How do I create big enough heat shield in a room?

All machines generate heat also. Collecting heat from the rice cooker and gas burner while cooking is possible. Question is how to store heat for future usage like a battery?

Moved the improvised workbench to a room, installed a window fan, built a tool shack base for organizing tools. I have three power tools: power saw, grinder, power drill.

New workshop

I’ll add two shelves on top of it for hand tools and parts.

tool shack base

Motorcycle parking lot

parking lot roof support

It will be used for earthbags.

Earth is precious.

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