Motorcycle import procedure in South Korea as a foreigner

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Motorcycles are prohibited on highways and automobile only roads in the country by law. There is not a single open highway like other countries. Only four out of one hundred ninety countries maintain stupid motorcycle prohibition law. Every highway has tall booth that collect fees from drivers since 1971.

Unleaded gasoline price is already over two dollars per liter, 50% is federal tax. Korean drivers and riders seem to enjoy this absurd  outrageous taxation.

The Korean government will turn into a thug that steals your money when you bring in a motorcycle as personal belongings for long-term study or work. Korea customs service charges four or five times of the sales tax in North America as imported tax as you pick up the motorcycle at a warehouse of Customs service. If you refuse to pay the absurd imported tax, Korea customs service repossess your motorcycle.

In addition, Korean Police Agency will remove your motorcycle license and tell you “You have to get the Korean motorcycle license.”

The local Vehicle Registration Agency will ask you to get the inspection paper done by Korea Automobile Testing and Research Institute. The overall cost of inspection and registration fee is around $400. (The inspection fee dropped from $1,000 to $300 in 2012.)

Let’s say you go through all the troubles paying the imported tax, safety inspection fee and getting Korean motorcycle license. One last thing is all insurance companies do not provide fire/theft coverage for motorcycle demanding five times higher insurance premium than North America.

South Korea is ranked the first in traffic accident ratio out of the forty OECD nations. Most car drivers walk away from killing innocent people by their fault. The insurance companies will pay around $20,000 to $30,000 for the family of the victims. That’s it.

Look how the Korean government shows they advocates fair trade. Do they even know the worst, absurd treatment of domestic/foreign riders?

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– [Korea-EU] Agreement between the EU and The Government of the Republic of Korea Concerning cooperation on anti-competitive activities – May 23, 2009

– [Korea-Canada] Cooperation Agreement Between KFTC and Commissioner of Competition Regarding The Application of Their Competition and Consumer Laws – May 4, 2006

– [Korea-Turkey] Memorandum of understanding on Cooperation between KFTC and CAT – Nov 17, 2005

– [Korea-EU] Memorandum of understanding on cooperation between KFTC and Competition directorate-General of the European Commission – Oct 28, 2004

– [Korea-Mexico] Arrangement between KFTC and CCUMS regarding the Application of their Competition Laws – Apr 23, 2004

– [Korea-Latvia, Romania, CIS] Regarding Cooperation in Competition Policy among KFTC, CCRL, CCR, ICAP – Sep 17, 2003

– [Korea-CIS, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania] Letter of Intent regarding Cooperation on com petitionpolicy and law enforcement – Nov 9, 2002

– [Korea-Australia] Cooperation Arrangement between KFTC and ACCC regarding the Application of their Competition and consumer protection laws – Sep 29, 2002

– [Korea-Romamia] Memorandum on Cooperation between KFTC and CCR – Jul 23, 2002

– [Korea-Russia] Memorandum on co-operation between the Ministry of Russian Federation for APSE and KFTC – Dec 7, 1999


– [Korea-India CEPA] CHAPTER ELEVEN – Jan 1, 2010

– [Korea-EU FTA] CHAPTER 11 Competition – Oct 15, 2009

– Concluded [Korea-U.S. FTA] CHAPTER SIXTEEN – Jun 30, 2007

– [Korea-EFTA FTA] CHAPTER 5 – Sep 1, 2006

– [Korea-Singapore FTA] CHAPTER15 Competition – Mar 2, 2006

– [Korea-Chile FTA] CHAPTER Fourteen – Apr 1, 2004

In summary about bringing in a motorcycle as a foreigner, be aware the following list.

– Korean Custom service will charge thousands dollars for imported tax.

– You will pay $300 for the safety inspection plus towing fee.

– You will have to learn and pass the Korean motorcycle license.

– You will pay many times higher insurance premium than what you have paid in North America because all insurance companies ignore your riding experiences in the foreign country.

– No insurance company will cover Fire/Theft so that the rider has to pay any damage done to motorcycle by some idiot or criminal.

– There are two stupid, absurd laws that make riding a motorcycle intimidating in any given time:
Automotive Only road prohibits riding a motorcycle on section of public road, tunnel, or even bridge. When you get caught by traffic cops, you will pay about $280 as penalty unless you take it to the court.
Motorcycle by law should move in the slowest lane.

Suppose you go through all the hassles, still have passion for riding motorcycle, I recommend for you to join a well-known motorcycle club on Naver or Daum portal sites. Most bikers who ride big motorcycles are hard-core so they plan bike tours almost every weekend during the season: April, May, early June, September, October.

The country offers amazing sceneries and challenging roads which level you choose: High hill, ocean side, winding roads in mountain area,

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