Journal of 08/04/2012

Human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. Today the workshop temperature went up to 38 degrees Celsius after noon when the ambient temperature was 35 degrees Celsius. Strange thing is I didn’t have heat much at all while the body was dripping sweat crazy. I drank around four liters of water before I came home.

Conventional house construction that utilizes concrete and steel has outrageous poor quality of heat management. Without thick insulator, which is again mixture of chemical byproducts that are harmful to human health, the indoor temperature goes over ambient temperature. The 30 centimeter thick concrete wall of the workshop does collect, dissipate serious heat into the space. This type of modern house and building demands huge amount of external energy to control indoor temperature.

I finished removing two layers of ceiling material, one was 1cm concrete layer, the other was mixture of dry corn stem and yellow earth. The roof is covered by one layer of asbestos type sheet, which is declared as dangerous substance by the government. Thickness of the sheet is 5mm to 6mm. I haven’t decided to remove or not.

I spent two hours in the morning to build a cart out of sheet metal. It can take 10 to 15 shovels per load. It saved me a lot of walking while I was cleaning the ceiling material on the ground. I will use it for carrying soil and other stuff.

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