Color code for wiring diagram


B Black
Br Brown
Ch Chocolate
Dg Dark green
G Green
Gy Gray
L Blue
Lg Light green
O Orange
P Pink
Red Red
Sb Sky blue
W White
Y Yellow
B/G Black/Green
B/L Black/Blue
B/R Black/Red
B/W Black/White
B/Y Black/Yellow
Br/G Brown/Green
Br/L Brown/Blue
Br/R Brown/Red
Br/W Brown/White
G/B Green/Black
G/R Green/Red
G/W Green/White
G/Y Green/Yellow
Gy/G Gray/Green
Gy/R Gray/red
L/B Blue/Black
L/R Blue/Red
L/W Blue/White
L/Y Blue/Yellow
O/B Orange/Black
O/G Orange/Green
P/W Pink/White
R/B Red/Black
R/G Red/Green
R/L Red/Blue
R/W Red/White
R/Y Red/Yellow
Sb/W Sky blue/White
W/B White/Black
W/R White/Red
W/Y White/Yellow
Y/B Yellow/Black
Y/G Yellow/Green
Y/L Yellow/Blue
Y/R Yellow/Red
Y/W Yellow/White

I used color values of the HTML Color Chart.

HTML Tables

The electrical section of Yamaha service manual is so retard. Whoever made this, whoever is responsible for publishing this poor quality of document is an idiot or has no brain. Why do I say it? I need to use a magnifying glass to read color codes and pin numbers of connectors.

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1 Response to Color code for wiring diagram

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for this. Takes a real #($?&@! to use “L” for blue. Even a magnifying glass is questionable in my Grizzly manual.

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