A Natural Anti-Cancer Protocol

by Tony Isaacs
author of Cancer’s Natural Enemy

Modern medicine treats the body as a collection of parts instead of as a synergistic organism. When it comes to treating broken bones and injured body parts, mainstream Western medicine is unequaled. When this same approach is used to treat illness and disease – fixing or repairing the parts where the symptoms of underlying illnesses manifest themselves, modern medicine fails miserably.

Whereas modern medicine looks at cancer as primarily a genetic disorder, when in actuality it is more an immune disorder. Cancer is a cell proliferative disease where cells go into an altered mode where they refuse to die normal programmed cell death and multiply – which happens as a result of an impaired immune system together with poor cellular terrain (created from under-nourished, under-cleansed and under-hydrated cells) and exposure to toxins, radiation or other sources of prolonged irritation and inflammation.

Instead of addressing the causes of cancer – primarily toxins and a weakened immune system which result in a loss of proper cellular communication and oxidation and the cells mutating to cells that replicate without dying – we see instead mainstream treatments that either slash, burn or poison away the tumors and cancer cells, which further weakens an immune system cancer has already defeated and only worsens the conditions that led to cancer to begin with.

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