Journal of 6/6/2012

I’ll double the width of the ramp. It’s barely enough to ride in and roll back.

When I started building a workshop, I put one on the list which is it must have a space to park a bike. This is first time I ever owned indoor garage for my bike. Things slowly are getting in shape.

Within few days I’ll be able to move into my house after building basic furniture: a bed, a desk, two chairs, a kitchen table for propane stove and cookeries. Then, I’ll work for the house project day and night.

It has been really dry spring. Farmers complain about lack of water. Strange thing is why weeds grow so strongly while crops, vegetables are barely survive or even die by lack of water. I don’t give water on the weeds on the yard but growth rate of few weeds are phenomenal.

Anyway typical rainy period will come shortly. I want to have real progress before few weeks of rainy day.

I’ve been using it as a workbench over two months. I cut two square holes one on top and one on the front side. Two days ago a Philips screw driver fell into. I couldn’t pick up because the holes were small. The following day I cut it off about half of the width.

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