Journal of 5/12/2012

I went to the local police station for filing a criminal report on last Saturday. They sent two policemen to my house at the village. The policemen checked the damage, and gathered testimonies from two neighbors.

The policemen told me they would track the company or an individual who did illegal tree excavating operation without consent of mine and then the local police station will arrange a meeting for three parties before launching a legal action. I said to them that’s reasonable.

I had to spend last two days for making trench, removing the track on the yard by shovel and pickaxe. Raw, hard labor isn’t funny at all. I was going to my house today but the body refused to do it. Whenever I do repetitive physical work for hours, at the end of day parts of body got muscle strain and fatigue. It usually takes at least two or three months till the body is conditioned.

Living as a farmer is hard. The main reason is demanding hard labor, uncertain return of investment of labor and resources each season. Because conventional farming is to work against the nature, simply exploiting it by modern machines and chemicals.

I find the same stupidity and absurdness in modern civilization especially energy industry: fossil fuel technologies vs free energy ones.

Human can really enjoy living when it liberates from the hard labor to survive in nature. Permaculture and free energy technologies are the true solutions which are beyond politics, religions, cultural difference, even color of skins. Just imagine working two or three days per week then the community provides everything each member to THRIVE.

Ruined yard by a company on 5/11/2012

All the green mass were destroyed.

Building foundation for the main door – small rocks and pebbles

45 cm deep trench to install a fence front of the yard

layers of soil

hardened soil forms a rock – how long it takes?

A plant

Hand made fence, rear

the fence, right side

the fence, front – I will install a simple gate on the right side and a post box.

A honey bee on a clover flower

The same honey bee, I was lucky to get that close.

A bird on the electric/telephone line pole

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