Nature destroying agriculture and death worship culture

All photos were taken on April 27th, 2012 near my home village. I took it as permaculture references.

Most Korean farmers grow only rice once a year. The efficient of land usage is low. At least seven to ten pesticides are spread for the season. Deserted rice patties since last late September or early October. One or two dominant weed takes over entire rice patties.

Close shot of the weed. I’ll look into the name of it.

The red machine is a tractor digging the soil of a rice patty before farmers plant baby rice plants on early May. Right behind the tractor shows a family owned cemetery in a mountain. A fine example how the death worship culture destroys nature and be considered good deed.

Left side of the cemetery is an industrialized cow farm which completely runs against natural environment. Most small size farms in urban areas contaminates surrounding soil, groundwater sources by untreated, exposed animal waste. Money is good, and farmers do whatever they can for survival and to become rich. The government encourages this type of agricultural business also. Because it means more tax revenue for the government. There are many parties which gain profit from industrial animal farms

Dose it look healthy soil? I doubt it. Digging up soil with heavy machines kills or destroy habitats of most small bugs and earth warms.

A rice patty completely covered with one type of weed. Why the soil houses only one strong species that is so unnatural? Because farmers changed the property of soil over decades of exploitation with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

A farm land, two cow farms, dry rice patties.

The cemetery have new member. Brand new grave is formed by removing a chunk of green mass.  Look at the lower right side of photo.

Long distance photo of deserted public cemetery. What major Koreans have in mind? Respect for the corps.

An animal waste dump from cow farms. It contaminates surrounding area both the soil and groundwater source.

Another animal waste dump

It is a typical scenery of farm land. Farmers use plastics a lot to control weeds. Where the plastics go?

Another cemetery owned by a family clan. When I was a child there were few graves in the mountains. Nowadays half of the mountains around the village are covered with graves.

Growing baby rice plants. The rice seeds soaked with two or three pesticides already.

An edible  Aralia tree, called  두릅 나무(Dureub Namu)

Only  Aralias please! Farmers love monocrops. Aralia is a profitable edible tree.  Let’s make some money out of it. Who cares about balanced ecosystem!

A dairy cow farm which is right in the middle of the village. It makes me sick whenever I see animals like this.  Disgusting. Well money is good. Who gives a  damn about it?

Another close shot.  Who is responsible for the cows live in shit pile: the farmer or the government or the general public who drinks cheap milk every day? I stopped drinking milk two years ago.

Let’s worship deceased bodies of the ancestors! Cheer! Jeong family owned cemetery at the heart of the village. Jeong family clan spends a lot of money each year to manage all cemeteries: weed control, renovation,  and etc. All they do is to just destroying nature which has been repeated over five hundreds years stupidly.

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