Stupid, ignorant, and brainwashed drivers in South Korea.

Does any of you believe in motorcycle is so dangerous that it can not be on highway?

Suppose you are a rider (motorcyclist), will you follow the stupid irrational law that bans motorcycle on highway one day without resisting?

In 1972 during the military totalitarian regime, motorcycle prohibition law on highway announced. Since then Koreans have been heavily brainwashed by the distorted, fabricated false facts that only cars run on highway.

Who would have got benefit from this stupid law? Petroleum corporations, auto manufacturers, insurance companies, and the corrupted elites exploit the public’s welfare and quality of living every day.

Minimum wage in Korea is around $3 per hour. Unleaded gasoline price at local gas stations is over $2 per hour, 50% of federal tax included. It’s easy to spot drivers who spend $500 for fuel of their car every month. How great it is!

The irony is most Koreans are so afraid of riding motorcycles, they do not have alternative personal transportation like other people in the world. Even though there exists the motorcycle prohibition law on highway, many city dwellers cut down almost 90% to 80% of their annual fuel expense just by riding 50cc to 100cc motorcycle for commute inside city.

For example, most 50cc scooters can have 40km/L to 50km/L mileage easily, contrary to heavy metal chunk of oil suckers, which barely hit 15km/L.
Hyundai made a hybrid car like the engineering joke of GM Cobalt. LOL. How come the cutting edge modern hybrid car has lower mileage than Honda Civics during 1980s? Somebody must be brain dead or brainwashed.

That’s why I became so disgusted by so called the mainstream professionals: scientists, engineers, specialists, etc. What are they fucking doing with such brilliant mind and so much education and training behind them?

Would Korean drivers ever realize the true reality that has been distorted by the government? Would they begin to break the absurd laws and demand their stolen rights for their quality of living?

Having a full-time job 40 to 45 hours per week barely cuts $1,000 monthly. If you have a car, it will consume 30% to 40% of the income. $500 for fuel means half of the income is wasted on the street.

Koreans are so fucked, brainwashed by cars. It’s really bizarre. They have more obsession than the Americans nowadays. “You must have a car and drive. That looks cool.”

Another fine example that shows how the macroscopic mind control is so effective, brilliant tool to control entire population for over four decades. South Korea is categorized as the second world country.

Koreans think they have good life because they have more stuff than decades ago. Well, the quality of living got degraded apparently. Korea become the top countries from many dark areas: traffic accident, suicidal rate, working condition, epidemic cancer patience, environment destruction.

Bear in mind this one thing. South Korea has a direct enemy that sits right above its land, North Korea. Over one thousands of years Koreans formed one unified nation but 70 years ago Koreans were fucked by ideologies and killed each other divided by the communist and the democratic faction.

I hear every day the rumbling sound of garbage fighter jets in the sky. Who gives a damn about burning, wasting so much money and resources for spending national security! Nobody. Because Koreans are so afraid of North Korea.

A society driven by fear, and traditional death worship culture pretty much push Koreans to the edge. They become workaholics or addicts who do anything for getting away from the ultimate fear.

Another spice is the pack mentality. It’s irresistible pulse, be considered as an incapable, obsolete member who do not follow the norm. A group of people starts using Smart phones, all cellular phone users have to use too. Twenty three millions have the smart phones nowadays.

They gotta watch famous TV shows or dramas just to fit in.
“Did you see it?”
“No, I didn’t.”
The conversation stops right there. Non-TV viewers like me usually being removed from people. LOL. I don’t give a damn about it. I rather have private, creative activity for myself.

My motorcycle insurance rate was jacked up 50% compared to last year’s premium. I got so upset and asked “Why?” to the insurance agent. She kept repeating “Because the government set the policy, not the insurance companies.” Inside my head ‘Ah, here is a typical brainwashed citizen. Do you actually think the government goes against the insurance companies? Fucking bull shit!’

I try to write informative, helpful solutions here. However living in the fucked up world pisses me off often. So I rant here.

When will the internal and external fight of me go away? I’m just thankful that I have a property in the country side. When I work on my house, I’m peaceful, I appreciate the beauty of nature and watching wild birds give me something beyond language.

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