Yamaha R1 – technical resources

FlashTune ECU Flashing Interface

I got the type 1 ECU flashing interface from Flashtune today.

Here are the tuneable features for the 07-08 R1:
-Fuel table bias (ECU uses a MAP vs RPM and a TPS vs RPM table for fueling, the bias adjusts how much each table contributes to the final value used to control the injectors.)
-TPS vs RPM Fuel map (per cylinder)
-MAP vs RPM Fuel map (per cylinder)
-TPS vs RPM Ignition map (per gear)
-Engine braking
-YCCT APS vs RPM throttle maps (not directly edittable, can choose between two preset maps: stock and “race”)
-Fan temps (stock or 205*F on, 195*F off)
-Immobilizer Operation (Normal or Bypassed)
-Yes, you can import .

How To: DIY Radiator Guard

Note: Measurements in metric / suits years 04-06 R1, use the same principle on other bikes. Im sure you would have the same materials or something equivalent in your country.

Set me back only $23, $10 for the mesh (flyscreen place) and $13 for the edging

Step 1
Measure Radiator length and width, with a bendable measuring tape (if it has a bend) add an extra half a cm for cable tying ease

Buy some stainless heavy duty mesh from a flyscreen/security door place (enough for two just incase)

Image: http://img820.

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