Journal of 4/18/2012

It took less than two hours to wipe out all the trees and flatten the ground of the house few weeks ago. I could’ve saved some trees if I would go there one hour early. An elder farmer who is one of my relatives love to destroy nature. Most Korean farmers are like to destroy nature, plain stupid and ignorant. Virtually they don’t know how to respect nature and life forms at all. They are slaves who just been trained to be the bottom feed of the corrupted system. End of my rant. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’ll use most of dead trees for raw material. It will save me good money for buying wood.

Right side of the house.
Storage and warehouse, open shelter.
I’m fixing the warehouse to build a living quarter and workshop.

The water from the well is drinkable. However it contains objects due to the cracked wall – dirt and debris. I made a filter by folding a shower towel three times and put on top of a wire table. It produces clean water to drink. I’m going to build a gravity feeding water purification container soon.

Side look of the open shelter. I removed one third of the roof yesterday. I enlarged the main door of the warehouse. I’ll make the width of the door at least 2 meter for easy access to big stuff.

Another shot of the warehouse

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