ETs/EDs Disintegrate North Korean Unha-3 Rocket–Breaking!

ETs/EDs Announced Destruction Of Unha-3 Moments Ago (now 6:35 p.m. CDT)

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces reported clobbering the provocative North Korean missile launch in boost phase under a minute after ABC News reported a possible rocket failure. The ETs/EDs reportedly used precisely targeted phaser fire from one of their ships to wipe out the rocket and payload in a single fiery bloom. That target could’ve been taken out via certain orbital Earth built weapons, but the ETs/EDs “didn’t trust them,” so acted immediately. The Unha-3 and payload were destroyed at an altitude of 75,459 feet (23 kilometers), according to the ETs/EDs. The engagement was conducted interdimensionally and, per the ETs/EDs, from just outside the atmosphere.

From ABC News

North Korea acknowledges failed rocket launch

PYONGYANG, North Korea (KABC) — The U.S. has called North Korea’s controversial rocket launch a failure Thursday after a larger than expected flare erupted 81 seconds into the launch, causing a connection loss.

U.S. official says the North Korean rocket did not go far and could not be seen on several radar screens, including the National Military Command Center tracking system. The first stage of the rocket landed in the Yellow Sea 165 kilometers southwest of Seoul. Shortly after that, most of the rocket broke up. The first North Korean missile launch in 2006 lasted only 40 seconds; Thursday’s failure happened at 81 seconds.

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