Pathetic Free Energy communities. is one of pathetic Free Energy communities that seems to do dubious actions behind the scene. I personally witnessed the dirty work done by other FE professionals against one inventor who disclosed his life-time device in public domain.

PESWiki is guided by the New Energy Congress, a network of 50+ energy professionals who are dedicated to clean energy technology advancement. Both the NEC and Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network were founded by Sterling D. Allan, CEO. Many others knowledgeable in the industry also help make this site what it is — a movement for identifying and promoting the best clean energy technologies.

James Kwok’s “Hidro” Tech Floating to the Top

This one is the worst example of how they advocates the FE oppertunitst to discourage FE technologies and create back blow. Here is the Hidro’s website.

Can I purchase my own Hidro+™?
Generally no as we are initiating the process of screening potential licensing partners and ascertaining the particulars of a relationship, however, purchasing can be considered on individual merit, subjected to a large capacity requirements.

What this individual or corporation does contradict its own words. The company only goes for $$$ at least ten millions dollars of big power plant. The technology itself to me inferior than other FE technologies. It uses a lot of water, they don’t show how to run it in cold regions like Canada where winter is almost eight months per year.

FE technologies are against centralized grid system in nature. Any FE researcher who advocates a big power plant using a FE technology is rubbish, probably an oppertunitist.

What are those fifty professionals doing in They pretend they are doing something for humanity. Yet this organization has been busy to put out anything about FE technologies all over the world.

All they show are patents, videos or photos of supposedly working prototypes, and words.

Why don’t they do coordinated effort to help out serious researchers so that real FE devices come to market? Make few specific task forces to build  real FE devices for general public in world wide.

A FE power generator kit should have:

  • Complete set of formulas that explain how to scale up and down the machine
  • Parts list
  • Through building instruction with schematics, data sheet that any willing individuals can build at great success rate over 95%
  • Parts or kits suppliers who manufacture or deliver quality components

The Free Energy technology is a real game changer. Most people hardly grasp the impact of it how and why.  I give just an example. In South Korea a family spends average $100,000 plus for the death worship ritual, Koreans think it’s a good tradition.  Worshiping the deceased body is pure nonsense. If ancestor’s ghosts take care of their decedents’ well being, how Korea has became the worst nation in the world since the inception of the death worship ritual five hundred years ago. Simply stop practicing the stupid ritual saves $100,000+ per decade.

A family spends $3,000 to $5,000 for car fuels every year.  There are fifteen millions of households. Fuel market’s size is 45 to 70 billions dollars. It’s hard to get exact size of the overall energy market. Imagine due to wide spread of FE power generators in household, car owners convert or drive electric cars without spending a dollar for whole year. The oil companies will go out of business.  Auto manufacturers will suffer greatly because electric cars are easy to build, requires only few parts. Korean government won’t be able to collect fifty percent of tax on fuel sales in the country. Power companies will have to shut down nuclear power plants, get rid of all the electric wires and ugly poles, and become service providers not energy supplier anymore.

My head value is $20,000 to $30,000 by insurance companies.  Are those entities who need profit and centralized energy control let any individuals disrupt present fossil based energy market?  I’ve seen many naive FE researchers who think of making money and having fame by commercializing their brilliant, humanity saving devices.  When they fail to bribe by money, the ultimate card is the “National security”.

“Will you work against your government and people?” Either submit or being killed.

Who can dare to give up one’s dear life for the service of others? I’ve seem many deaths, know what’s after death but being dead by someone is uneasy thing to me still. I chuckle about death however the organic body of humongous cells would do whatever it can to take the last breath.

I really want to see real projects under one goal, bring out practical FE devices on the market with group effort such as Open Source Software. Capable, likely minded individuals work together across the globe. I do believe in it can be done in FE field too.

Secrecy, self-interest driven FE researchers or groups always fail. It’s time for them to wake up and embrace real perspective of reality.

One day…

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