Why do I keep the laws written by monsters? No thanks.

If any criminal comes to me and force me to do something, I’ll say “Fuck off” whether it’s a person or gang or the government whatever it is.

Watching how good people are being destroyed by the corrupted system around world push me to the edge. I’m so glad I got out of the slavery living and mind control before my death bed.

I realized the beginning of tragic human existence on Earth worse than animal was when humans got lost of their soul mind and became victims of fear whatever form it is.

Alas, look at the history of human civilization over 8,000 years. It’s full of blood and wars. Monsters who wears human shell were the heroes and kings and queens.

People who barely understand themselves, eternal being in nature, still so afraid of loosing. They are afraid of uncertainty so they work like machines hoping big numbers in bank account makes them secure. Because they blindly believe in money is the power.

No, nah. .38 right in front your head will make you piss the pants and beg for your dear life till you get head shot then be dead. During war times millions of people under fear went to concentration camps hoping a miracle would save their lives.

Be strong, be human, and fight for one’s own freedom and right even it takes your death. This is what I stand on, I’ll keep this to myself. Human body is just a container. Living few decades longer for what?

Considering immortality of the soul, physical time on Earth is irrelevant. I want to see more and more people wake up and know their true nature and fight for humanity whatever means they can choose.

Disobey the laws written by monsters. Just do what your heart tell you and do best for yourself as human being.

Why don’t the Eugenics kill themselves first?
Why don’t the warmongers shoot each other or stab for themselves?
These pathetic beings behind the power structure will pay back their deed.

Why am I afraid of these pathetic beings? They are the hopeless beings do whatever the non-human entities tell them to do for extending their lives for years or decades.

My heroes are the people who have resisted and fought for humanity not the fabricated heroes written by winners, which were the monsters.

Millions of scientists and professionals work for the warmongers. They use their education and skills to create war machines. They are immune from the public scrutiny from time to time when the soldiers’ misconduct at battle fields brought up.

What a joking world we live in, has created? I’m part of this bizarre reality every fucking day. How the hell bloody young guys join military forces to be the killing machine because there are no decent jobs for them anymore. Oh man, I was one of them when I was young. I was afraid of being punished by authority refusing the conscription.

Getting rid of the TV and radio removes unnecessary fear. It brings forgotten peace and relaxation. Even though one can never escape from the collective suffering, it’s better to face to face oneself. I’m the only one who will face the death not entertainment stars nor machines nor anybody close to me. That’s fact.

Do meditate and listen to what your heart want to tell. Put away the marvelous brain for moment. The brain is just a tool human has. Don’t be a slave of the brain. Feel the you are belongs to and one day you go back. It’s always there. When you overcome the awkwardness of darkness, lonely feeling, you will see the light and hidden world will appear right in front the eyes. You become the one who carries on one’s destiny. The more you do it, the more you stronger.

One day you realize without taking drugs, alcohols, and medical pills you can manage mental pain. I believe in the real warrior has emotion and feelings which keep the warrior in balance.

Let’s be real humans and fight for our rights! Do it peaceful manner but be strong. Share information likely minded people. And if you can help others, do it without return.

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