Believe in oneself, use one’s own brain.

Dumb, dumb, and dumb. I see the stupidity of mainstream scientists and engineers everyday. One fine example Nuclear fission power is safe? Thanks to handful scientists I breathe and drink radioactive particles everyday. It’s so bizarre how the Japaneses decided to delve into Nuclear power energy for half century? They were the victims of atomic bombs first in humanity.

Another example is the cutting-edge hybrid cars. The GM Cobalt is a joke. Considered garbage, inferior Honda civics during 1980s had better mileage than the Cobalt and other hybrid models. Twenty years has passed. Yet the mileage went backward. Looking at whatever fancy, cutting-edge technologies represented to us by the bright minds make me think about one thing.

“You guys are stupid. Be practical please.”

My topic is probably irrelevant to this thread. But I like to say one thing. Believe in yourself and use your own mind as is. To know what is real truth, one needs to consider all possible explanations. Just relying written words by scientists, authority do not guarantee it’s truth.

Can I truth the mainstream scientists? I did for a long time. Not any more since I developed intuition, how to use my brain properly for solving problems. Can I trust the government? Do I have to follow the rules written by real criminals?

Whenever I’m behind wheel, I’m a potential criminal under the traffic laws. The government allows the manufacturers to make cars that are too fast without enforcement. Any conventional cars can go upto 150km/h. They let these dangerous machines and whenever drivers break the law, the drivers take 100% of responsibility. Because they became a real criminal.

But to drive a car well over speed limit, it needs to be built that way. Logically speaking breaking the speed limit laws on the roads caused by three parties: the government, the manufacturer, the driver. When I came to this conclusion, I thought I became delusional.

So I thought about it few times. Suppose I have a gun, bullets, and kill a person. I go to jail by killing a person. To make the actual event occur, three things must be worked together: the gun, the bullets, my action.

My head price is about $20,000 by the insurance company. In this country any idiotic driver can kill innocent person/people and walk away from any criminal charge whatsoever. Because the laws written that way. In contrary a person do the same thing using personal weapons, there comes big punishment as usual. How absurd is it?

Do I need a law degree to discuss these flawed laws? I don’t think so.

Whether it’s related sciences or laws, we have the right to ask questions, debating known problems. Bottom line is just following laws put individuals into slavery mode for long time.

Why do car drivers have to waste their hard earned money for fuels? In addition, how long drivers will be punished by the stupid traffic laws nothing but indirect taxation and mind control of general public? Enough number of people can force the government to pass laws that 50km/L is mandatory of conventional cars. The car manufacturers have the technologies and resources within a year IMHO.

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